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11-13-2018 at 07:50 PM
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Twin Galaxies: The RPG

First off, to all the adjudicators out there, good job!. The submission "Queue Monster" as I call it, was at 180 pages and we knocked it down to roughly 145ish and holding. Keep up the good fight! This brings me to my next point.

Why, oh Why, is Twin Galaxies NOT setup like an RPG? We're a site about video game stats. We love video games. We earn stats for loving video games, playing or adjudicating. So why do I earn "credibility points" when I "adjudicate a run?" Why am I not earning "experience points" for "defeating submission monsters?"

If Twitch can have Bit Bosses to create a "game" that encourages donating to streamers, why can't we turn adjudicating runs into a game??

It all seems so formal and serious. Which, yeah, it kinda is. But its supposed to be FUN TOO! I don't want to have "right votes." I want to have "monsters defeated." I want to "attack the queue monster, steal the treasure, and stab my buddy!" Wait that's a different game...but you get the idea.

As for magic. Well, the only thing I know of would be "dispute." Kinda dropped the ball there, but I think as a rough idea this would be cool.

RPG's are all about stats. TG is all about stats. So shouldn't TG BE an RPG?

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  1. Snowflake's Avatar

    its not a terrible idea especialy since some people are treating cred that way right now when they really shouldnt. if a second metric was given, like "tg level" then maybe he people treating TG like an rpg would find happiness there and not be as upset when they take a cred hit

    i never leveled my steam, only had it for a few games. but i remember noticing they have alot of ways to level up. something simliar could work there. and sure, of course adjudications can be part of it. i would want to caution though theres always unexpected results. i wouldnt want anything that had the unexepected side effect of rewarded masive careless voting just for votings own sake

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  2. Emayl's Avatar

    Personally, I don't think everything has to be a game to be fun. Honestly, it would be just one more thing to have to keep track of. I'm not competing with other TG members on adjudicating, etc., although to some users that is a big deal. I'll compete with them on the scoreboard, but that's enough for me.

    Adjudicating should be straight-forward and simple. It's already drifted away from that with all the annoying stats and cancellations and credibility point issues that have been added on.

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  3. KidsHeartJP's Avatar

    It sorta is in a way. Dave Hawksett totally sits in a big room at the end of the level. So TG has bossess.

    Dispute section would be the water level..

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