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xcess dead rew
11-20-2018 at 07:18 AM
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Little Late On This....But Starcrystas has another notch in his belt.

They went through a few days ago, but I do believe @starcrytas also now holds the distinction of having the first GameCube game loaded via USB on Wii submission to go through. Which should up open up a whole bunch of games to a whole bunch of people, including myself!

I'm very intrigued by a strange Game Cube pinball/tactical war game called Odama. So thanks for making that a possibility for me.

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  1. GibGirl's Avatar

    I should look into this... I have a second Wii, so can set that one up to run games in this manner and still have a clean one. :)

  2. Squirrel!!'s Avatar

    That's wonderful news!

    My Wii is modded to play Gamecube games off of a hard drive. No Wii games. I'll have to find some games to play. :)

  3. starcrytas's Avatar

    Thanks for making it possible!

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