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08-31-2017 at 05:55 AM
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Gwr snapshot

Hey just wondering since the snapshot was taken a few hours ago how long would it take to be able to login on the official gwr website as id love to purchase a frame for my certificate but can't order a frame as my record isnt under my account using same login as on here .. my record has been on gwr website for a couple of months and they're so hard to contact.. thanks any help much appreciated
  1. spectre's Avatar
    Snapshot was taken in april. GWR has a certificate ordering form on their site.
  2. yellowNZ's Avatar
    Snapshot was done yesterday too .. cant order certificate when its not showing under my login??
  3. yellowNZ's Avatar
    this is my record shown on the gwr website ..
  4. yellowNZ's Avatar
    here is my gwr account using same password and email that i use on twin galaxies
  5. yellowNZ's Avatar
    no way to order myself a certificate or frame at all for my record.. ???
  6. spectre's Avatar
    What do you mean the snapshot was taken yesterday? I'm referring to the snapshot GWR got from TG with all the world records broken since the last snapshot which was april 2016.

    Do you mean the book came out yesterday?

    here's a link to the GWR certificate faq:

    Don't think Guinness provides a frame either? I bought my own
  7. yellowNZ's Avatar the countdown timer ended yesterday surely its correct .. they wouldn't just do one per year or why would we have a timer ongoing for?? In the Guinness store under certificates there is a frame you can purchase but regardless unless you can login to gwr and have your records on your account you cant physically purchase certificates... thats my problem .. should I try signing up to gwr again .. how do they merge accounts from twingalaxies and gwr?? Confusing
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    Quote Originally Posted by yellowNZ
    how do they merge accounts from twingalaxies and gwr?? Confusing
    They don't. Getting a certificate is a hassle to say the least. Took me around 2 years to finally get mine.

    Regarding the snapshot, I see what you mean. Looks like it's every 30 days for those GWR records. No idea how it works and the "What's this" link doesn't work for me.
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    I don't think it means anything. Seems like an idea they abandoned, seeing as it's not included in the book or the website.

    There have been other deadlines people have mentioned in the past, trying to push through votes for an adjudication.
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    Ssdninja its on the website...
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    Don't hold your breath. They seem to be distancing themselves with Twin Galaxies from where I'm sitting and their challenges here are a joke they weren't even in their book and there have been none added since the initial few so as ssdninja said we must presume they have abandoned that idea.

    I've been in the book and it's proven impossible to get a certificate from them. I've mailed, called, signed up to the GWR site, asked on social media. All you get is the same replies and go round and round in circles. I gave up in the end.

    Ultimately like you said you need a reference number to order your certificate but sadly there is no way to do that from Twin Galaxies submissions and on the flip side it's impossible to do a record directly with GWR when it comes to gaming (i tried.)

    There was talk of TG sorting out their certificate issue with GWR but given the recent events with the book and TG deciding to go alone with their own book this seems far less likely now.
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    @spectre the link works for me but isn't very informative.

    This countdown timer indicates the next moment that Guinness World Records will take a snapshot of the top positions of all the leaderboard challenges listed under its platform.

    At the moment when the snapshot is taken, all players in the #1 leaderboard positions will be entered into the Guinness World Records database and sent certificates.

    If a player is not in the #1 position on a leaderboard at the moment of snapshot they will not be entered into the Guinness World Records database and will not be sent a certificate.
  13. Gregrrr's Avatar
    Does anyone know how I receive my GWR certificate. I see the record in their database, but don't know how to attach that record to my GWR account. It says that your first certificate is complimentary. Anyone know about these things?
  14. rotunda's Avatar
    It's a massive hill to climb unfortunately... No one really knows.

    It's quite annoying that GWR keep their scoreboards up when they don't honor the certificates.
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