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05-19-2019 at 08:41 AM
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Virtua Racer on Nintendo Switch

Not sure if this has hit any of your radars yet, but thought you all might be interested in it. A remake of Virtua Racer has been released on the Nintendo Switch. Rebuilt from original code for the Switch by M2, not simply a port. So far only available on the Japan e-shop, but it is possible to acquire it in other regions. It's a great remake, and if you're interested, I suggest checking out this video providing the details (and also some cool history on the game, from arcade to present):

In order to acquire the game outside of Japan, it's a bit tricky but doable:

1) Create new switch account on your switch

2) Login into the switch account from a smart device or PC, and change the account's region to Japan

3) Purchase a Japan Nintendo e-shop card, minimum of 1000 yen

4) Go to the e-shop with the user account you just created (region set to Japan). This is where it starts getting really tricky, unless you know how to read Japanese. I suggest familiarizing yourself with the layout of the e-shop in your native language first, particularly the steps for redeeming the 1000 yen e-shop card, and the steps for choosing and purchasing a game.

5) Redeem the 1000 yen e-shop card.

6) Navigate the games for purchase, until you find Virtua Racer.

7) Purchase and install game.

8) Exit e-shop.

9) You can now play Virtua Racer with any of the accounts on your switch. The game is completely in English, and changing the region within the game had no noticeable effect that I could find.

Enjoy! Now we're going to need a track. ;)

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  1. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    1000 yen is around 9 USD, BTW.

    How many people did I just save time for, lol!


    1000 sounds scary, I guess, if you are oblivious to currency exchange.

    Nice find, my Son has a Switch, I may get him to check into it.

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  2. YesAffinity's Avatar

    Haha, thanks roger. Yeah I forgot to offer the conversion. I only knew about how much it is because I recently had a friend bring me back some 100 yen coins so I can properly coin up my aero city candy cab when I play on it. :p

    But yeah, the 1000 yen cards are about $13, possibly a little less if you spent some time searching for a better deal.

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