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07-26-2019 at 10:54 PM
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What a great time to be alive!

Well, I didn't want to hijack datagod's thread, but did want to piggy-back off of the "what a great time to be alive". I'm sorry but Elon Musk has nothing on least as far as most of us on this web site are concerned. First the OSSC, then some smaller but no less important projects like NES/SNES dejitter mod, and now CPS1/2/3 w/ HDMI output.

I just finished modding a CPS2 A board that I bought with an audio issue - muffled left channel audio through the stereo outputs. Countless hours over multiple years trying to troubleshoot the stupid problem, shotgunning part replacements, and I never was able to track it down and solve it. Now I don't need to cuz that donor A board is outputting beautiful (dare I say GLORIOUS) digital a/v.

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    Pics please!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by datagod

    Pics please!!

    Pics of a completed install? Not mine (don't feel like opening my A board again), but you get the gist:

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