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08-02-2020 at 07:06 AM
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Why Billy Mitchell needs a chance for another accolade

billy has been reduced to 3 records, I want to give him a chance to regroup and earn another accolade.

longest video game marathon either overall or in a mario series.

and donkey kong is a mario series.

The point that i'm trying to get that billy mitchell has got his few records reinstated

I want him to earn another record he can play donkey kong while play vs. super mario bros.

both arcade games.

Apologies if you don't agree


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  2. Barthax's Avatar

    That would be a Guinness Record, not a Twin Galaxies Record, correct?

  3. ZackKyMurr's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Barthax

    That would be a Guinness Record, not a Twin Galaxies Record, correct?


  4. Snowflake's Avatar

    i dont believe billy really has guiness records in the tradiontal sense, its more that his prevoius records are reacknowledged as being real -- but they are no longer the record. that does give him 2 i suppose, first perfect pacman and first million point donkey kong. but first to do something is a bit of a grey area to call a record since others have beaten the score.

    but as i said in the other thread i'm having trouble following your logic. an attempt to give billy another acoclade by encouragin him to go for a guiness recrd makes little sense heere cause
    1. hes banned here, so you're talking to us not him. you're not giving him any chance. he was a very public twitter and twitch
    2. we arent guiness. nothing here c an help him get a guiness accolade

    i am curioius as i dabble in marathons myself. what sort of time period are you shooting for, and how long/many breaks do you intend to take?

  5. datagod's Avatar

    "Longest video game marathon"

    Carrie Swedeckie holds that title. 138 hours. Dance Dance Revolution. I only know of a handful of people that have gotten over 80 hours.

    Good luck. You'll need it.

  6. kernzyp's Avatar

    I'll watch it with one eye closed, standing on one leg, tossing an apple up and down, and I'll get four new records. too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kernzyp

    I'll watch it standing on one leg, tossing.

    carry on.

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