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07-05-2016 at 10:27 AM
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First steps into competitive Overwatch (PC)

So, Overwatch recently released it's Competitive mode which focuses on grouping players by a skill ranking system (MMR) and allows them to compete against each other to climb up a ladder as well as earn special gold weapon skins for prestige.

As there was some initial hiccups in the system and rumors of scoring issues, my team and I wanted to wait out the initial rush to rank before doing our placement matches.

Finally, last night, the stars aligned and we managed to get most of our team on at the same time (though some people had previously solo queued and ranked on their own so we could not play with them).

That being said, even though we had to pick up two random queued people, they turned out to be quite competent and we invited them to our group to play a few games with us.

All in all, we got 3 ranking matches done last night and won all three handily, which bodes very well for our initial rank once we finish the qualifiers.

I am excited about this new avenue to compete and I look forward to seeing how Overwatch turns out in terms of a competitive game as well as seeing how the meta develops.

One interesting tidbit in regards to metas, last night we encountered a group running the "pro" meta for KOTH (King of the Hill) matches in our 2nd competitive match. The current thesis is that the best possible team comp for KOTH matches is 2 Tracers, 2 Winstons and 2 Lucios, which give maximum movement speed and make recapping / contesting the point incredibly difficult. This team played that comp, we can only assume because of how highly lauded it has been and how much it's been define as *THE* comp to run in the competitive scene for the past week.

The problem with sticking to a gameplan like that is, if you don't understand why the meta works and how to counter it, then it seems like a great approach. But we DO know how to counter that comp and it ended up with myself going as Reaper and shredding the two Winstons repeatedly (as Reapers are known to do).

I have a feeling we're going to run into this kind of situation a lot more in the future, which is really a testament to the skill ceiling in this game, because in the right hands, that comp really is (at least in theory) incredibly hard to beat in that scenario. But with a little know-how in terms of counters and some flexibility and ability to adapt, we overcame it easily.

I am sure we are in for a challenge once we finish our placements and run into some high level competition, which I very much look forward to, for now.. here's some quick stats to show how it went last night.

Not bad if I say so myself :P

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