SNES / SFC - GP-1 Part II - NTSC - Mountain [Fastest Race] - 03:23.4 - john brissie

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  1. SNES / SFC - GP-1 Part II - NTSC - Mountain [Fastest Race] - 03:23.4 - john brissie

    05-21-2017, 10:14 PM

    NTSC - Mountain [Fastest Race]
    Score Track
    Normal Difficulty, Time Attack Mode, May Freely Select Machine
    Special Rules: For this variation, you MUST Win the race for your time to count! You may use your race for Fastest Lap as well.
    Submission Message
    Hi Gamers,

    Here is the video for my attempt at a new record for the fastest Race on the Mountain track. The game and machine are at the beginning and the settings are at 1:09. There are several practices and restarts then the Race attempt starts at 13:00. The mountain track is selected at 8:19.

    The Race attempt begins at 13:00.

    Thanks for watching and voting.

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